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Song Lyrics to: Whiskey On The Rocks - AC/DC



I've drinkin' all night long
So long baby, I'm gone

Bloody Mary, give me shivers from a shot
Set up the shooters, it's time for a drop
Old Jamaica, runnin' we come
Down at the Hatch Jack, the women and the fun
We drink a lot, that demon drop
This one's on me and here's to you

Whiskey on the rocks
A double or a shot
Whiskey on the rocks
Elixir from the top

Drinkin' Mai Tai, Singapore sling
Beam me up Jim, it's time to come in
I'll have one more afore ye close up the door
It's on the house Mac, it's whiskey galore
We drink a lot, that demon drop
This one's on me, here's mud in your eye


I'm drinkin'
Whiskey on the rocks
Pour me a double here comes trouble on the rocks
Whiskey on the rocks

Whiskey On The Rocks - AC/DC: a Song by: AC DC


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