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Song Lyrics to: Toss It Up



Verse one

Lord have mercy, father help us all
Since you supplied your phone number, i can't help but call
Time for action, conversatin, we relaxin, kickin back
Got ya curious about thug passion, now picture that
Tongue kissin, hand full of hair, look in my eyes
Time to make the bed rock, baby look how it rise
Me and you movin in the nude, do it in the living room
Sweatin up the sheets, it's the thug in me
I be the ? when i tongue kiss your neck,
I go a long way to get you, what do you expect
Late night, hit the highway, drop the top
I pull over, gettin busy in the parking lot
Picture-look it how i lick your hips and glide
Kiss you soft on your stomach, push my love inside
Got ya lost in a love zone, stuck in the lust
I got the bedroom shakin back, breakin when we're tossin' it up

Verse two

What's your phone number, i get around
Cali love to my true thugs, picture me now
Still down for that death row sound, searchin for pay days
No longer dre day, arive derche
Long and forgotten, plottin for plottin-child's play
Check your sexuality, as fruity as this alize
Quick to jump ship, punk trick, what a dumb move
Cross death row, now who you gonna run to
Like those other suckers cuz you similiar
Pretendin to be hard-oh my god-check your temperature
Screamin compton, but you can't return, you ain't heard
Brothas pissed cuz you switched and escaped to the burbs
Mob on to this new era, cuz we untouchable
Still can't believe you got pac rushin, uppin you
Bless the real, all the rest get killed, who can you trust
Only time reveals...toss it up!

2pac commentary...

Toss It Up: a Song by: 2PAC

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