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Song Lyrics to: Tell Me Why



Although I'll never deserve it
I realize that You will give me all of Your love
I couldn't ever return it
I know that I could never give You reason enough
Your love came over me
You found the way to my heart


Tell me why
What have I done
I got You
Now You'll always be the one
Tell me how
Can this be true
I'm with You
Now I really wanna know
Tell me why
Let everybody believe it
I want the world to see the kind of love that we've got
Deep down in me I can feel it
I'm gonna give You all I have and no matter what
Your love came over me
You found the way to my heart


I'm gonna wait no longer
To show how I really feel
My love is growing stronger
You're all that I need
You are my love for life
Nothing can tear us apart


Tell Me Why: a Song by: JUMP5


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