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Song Lyrics to: Rising Power - AC/DC



Dog day, it's Tuesday
Hope that girl she'll come today
Hard life, it's a city life
Sweat keeps pourin' down
I got my feet up, like to love
Through the dawn till I've blown
All I want's her lovin' now
I love the way she move around

Need no excuse
To let it all hang loose
My body's for abuse

Rising power, we'll raise the night
Rising power
Rising power, we'll wake the dead
Rising power

(You got it)

Love life, up all night
Darkest hour at the dead of night
Seen her walkin' down the street
The kind of woman that brings on heat
Love her dusk till dawn
Come the morning, she was gone
Took me all to my surprise
Money gone, left high and dry

Need no excuse
To let it all hang loose
My body's for abuse

(Gonna end up torn to shreds)

Don't need no excuse
My body's for abuse


Rise, rise
I'm gonna rise
Rising power
The power rise from you

Rising Power - AC/DC: a Song by: AC DC


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