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Song Lyrics to: Faceless Ones



I'm catching feelings that somebody watching me
Tapping on my phone when I'm all alone (ain't got no privacy)
Trying to bring me down so I look around
Let me see your eyes, coming in disguise all in my mind
Trying to set me up for the kill, better be careful who I let ride
Where you know me from, I never seen you no day up in my life
Is you in my closet, under my ?bedroom floor and stalking?
Right next to me, plotting, watching
Trying to break up in my pockets, got me cautious
He might be stalking coming up the alley walking
Looking at me ride off and then roll up
Everything got through, telling all my bidness
Want to see me fall apart, take away my life sending me to prison
Maybe cause my religion (I'm having wicked visions)
Everybody coming up missing and he got my mind tripping


You'd better watch out for the faceless ones
Because they might be coming for you [2X]

It's something missing in this picture, can't make out no clear description
Reception peeping on deceptions, seeking that evil luck, out to get ya'
Who plotting, who watching, who knocking you cause your you
But just like you, hopping I'm hopping
Gotta do what I gotta do if it is true
I'm clocking faceless ones, you might think you know one
When you don't know the faceless ones, I'm gonna be looking for 'em
Can't get away from none, they don't make 'em none to be
Trying to knock you straight off your feet
Playing games in the background, I'm beat
But you know what you sow you reap
What go around come around times three
Wait, hold on, we gone within deep
Death is in me, got him in my sleep
Nightmares, making me go deep, I stares looking up to see
Be aware, cause they on the creep playing for keeps
No sheets for the faceless ones


I think somebody trying to peep me out, what the hell is this about
Ain't got no trust but to be scared, this person might be in my house
Now, budged it and dropped something, got me thinking wrong doings
Thangs look strange in four or five spots, help me Lord please not so soon
Hell, I'm ducking now, don't know who might try to pow-pow
Pack it fast before I'm down, on the low, can't be around
A faceless one is plotting me
Could it be my neighbor thats thinking that his wife liking me
He stare at me, he's bound to be the faceless one
But I don't know, sometimes he don't even speak
Not just him, its too many, but he stay right next to me
So I had to take a peek, cause I'll be DAMNED if I sleep
I get it on cause I ain't weak, leave it alone, your past weak to blast me


Who dat' coming with the mac attack, attack of the mac
In the back with the sack from the front
Is is that freak that I met last week that offered me a blunt
(?) soon as I'm on and 'noid,
That seemed like our players and something end up being destroyed
I can't avoid this ain't my motto, don't help me from looking zoned
Cause a faceless one is a tasteless one casting them stones and going
Who put that patent on my seat, who that rat trying to steal my meat
Who that cat licking on my feet, (?)
Now buzzing something over my head is the cause and plot to take one
Trying to burn down the barn (?)
Going straight, and peeping game and moving moose horns
Have a demonstration, who dat, who dat racing
They chasing, car pacing, infiltration put it on my nation
Its the faceless one


Faceless Ones: a Song by: CRUCIAL CONFLICT


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